Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg, which was held on 4th of October 2014, caused quite a stir among finance specialists and attracted attention of the field-oriented mass media.

The Belarus-based gambling and entertainment portal presented a report about the event. Authors highlighted Mikhail Chobanyan’s presentation about the imperfection of the modern finance model as well as Nikita Soshnikov and Artem Tolkachev’s presentation about the cryptocurrency regulation in Russia.


The news website described all the presentations summarizing that the conference turned out to be an interesting one. It also paid tribute to Smile-Expo Company which organized the high-level event.


CoinDesk appreciated that Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg took place despite all the constraining factors. They also mentioned that Russian regulators are reluctant to admit potential of cryptocurrencies.


Cointelegraph described the program and expressed hope that Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg wouldn’t be the last Russian conference dedicated to fintech. summarized the event and noted animated discussions among participants and sponsors. The hottest topic was change in legal rules for cryptocurrencies in Russia.


News about Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg appeared in St. Petersburg online newspaper “”. The author notes the most interesting speeches and admits that this sphere attracts much more attention of authorities. 


The journalist from K4Y0T Project presented a detailed report. He paid much attention to speakers’ presentations and the high level of the event.