Prospects for Bitcoin, modern technologies and technical aspects of operation with Cryptocurrency, recent juridical changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation and other countries, Bitcoin earnings and exchange, exchange rate fluctuations and possible ways to prevent volatility - these and many other exciting topics were covered at Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg, which was held on December 4, 2014 in the northern capital of Russia in the cosy hotel conference room of Ambassador Hotel.

Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg became for one day a place that brought together the best specialists, theorists and practitioners of the cryptocurrency market from around the world who shared their vision of Bitcoin in Russia and other countries.

The conference was divided into sections, where members and guests listened to the reports on the following topics:

• Bitcoin 2015: analysis and forecasts;

• Safety: how does one go about keeping its Bitcoins;

• Legal aspects of Bitcoin existence and use;

• "buy-sell", or transactions with Bitcoin;

• Bitcoin mining and gambling;

• and others.

We should also note that platform for business communication Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg was supplemented by the exhibition area, where visitors could meet and talk with the sponsors and exhibitors personally, and see the process of Bitcoins mining.

Participants of this activity were famous industry companies, services, agencies working with the "currency of the future", in particular:

  • — a reseller of mining hardware, a general sponsor of the conference
  • HashCoins LLC — a company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of crypto equipment, a platinum sponsor of the conference;
  • Bitalo AG — a Finnish company, which is engaged in security, badge-sponsors of the conference;
  • Batmain  — a mining company;
  • Оkcoin — an exchanger operating with Bitcoin;
  • Top 3D Shop — a leading provider of 3D-equipment (3D-print of Bitcoin coins).

So, during the conference there were delivered 15 exclusive reports that "raised a wave of" narrow-profile issues from those present and caused a lively debate.

The following speakers provided detailed information about Bitcoin:

  • Alex Fork (an author of the first book in Russian about Bitcoin, Bitcoin evangelist);
  • Michael Chobanian (a founder of the first Bitcoin agency in Ukraine);
  • Dmitry Zhuravlev (a CEO at Human Factor Labs, Bitcoin enthusiast and investor);
  • Ivan Tikhonov (a founder of the largest Russian-language information site on Cryptocurrency;
  • Albert Martin (a CEO at Bitalo AG, Finland);
  • Yaroslav Loginov (a representative of the Pirate Party of Russia);
  • Artem Tolkachev and Nikita Soshnikov (Tolkachev & Partners);
  • George Basiladze (a founder of Cryptopay, UK);
  • Ninel Makhmetova (a client manager at OKCoin);
  • William Ross (an editor of the portal;
  • Nicholas Pawlowski (HashCoins LLC);
  • Yaroslav Sushko (a co-founder and chief editor of the portal on gambling industry

The moderators of the conference were Dmitry Zhuravlev (a CEO at Human Factor Labs, enthusiast and bitcoin investor) and Maxim Krupyshev (Bitcoin enthusiast).

An author of the first book in Russia about Bitcoin and Bitcoin evangelist, Alex Fork opened the conference with his report "Bitcoin as a global cultural experiment."

Mikhail Chobanian delivered a report with a rather intriguing topic: "Do you smell rotten eggs?" The existing unfair world financial system is rotting. It is more than one hundred years old, and, to put it mildly, it smells like naphthalene and ptomaine. So maybe we should stop reviving the corpse of this system and go another way? – he asked the audience.

Speakers Artem Tolkachev and Nikita Soshnikov discussed the most exciting topic of the conference - the latest legal developments in the Russian Federation concerning Cryptocurrency.

— There are only two countries in the world where Bitcoin is prohibited. They are Iceland and Vietnam. Russia is still in the yellow zone. We hope that Russia will not join Iceland and Vietnam! - the expert said.

The final chord of the conference was an interesting speech by a specialist in internet marketing Yaroslava Sushko. His topic was "Gambling winter is coming", revealing the current problems and prospects of the online casino.

Within the event there were small presentations of sponsors and participants, such as, OKCoin et al. There also were several interesting panel discussions with experts. All the speakers, participants and guests had the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere at the party, which was held after the conference. A sponsor of the evening was bit-ix, a company, together with the organizers, carried out a drawing of gifts for all participants of Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg.

Due to the widespread concern voiced about the event, Bitcoin Conference is not going to stop there, so it is likely that the conference may become an annual event.

The thematic event organizer, Smile Expo, thanks all participants, visitors and partners of the conference and expresses its hope for further cooperation. All information about Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg will be available on the official website -

Look for updates and be the first to find out where the next meeting of the Bitcoin community will be held!

See you there!