February 2019

ICO Battle



ICO projects contest – ICO Battle – at Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg

For visitors, a link to electronic voting: https://veche.io/icobattle

On February 13, Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg will include ICO Battle. Companies aimed at launching ICOs will compete for valuable prizes and, most importantly, attention of cryptocurrency investors.      

ICO Battle will start at 2 p.m. and will last 2 hours. Exhibiting companies will have 5 minutes for presentation. Thereafter, expert judges will analyze projects.     

Assessment criteria:

1. Business idea. Why companies integrate tokens into existing businesses?

2. MVP: Minimum Viable Product. What exactly do companies offer final customers?  

3. Team. What experience and reputation do company teams have?

4.Token. What is the type, selling procedure and bonus implementation of token?   

5. Concept. Why will users want to use a product?

6. Market positions. Assessment of the current condition of the market segment.

7. Legal preparation of the project.

Conference attendees will be able to influence participants’ destiny using e-voting. Winners will be three projects receiving the biggest amount of scores.   

Follow ICO Battle details on the official website of Blockchain Conference St. Petersburg

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