BCC and BTC on August 7

Within a few days, Bitcoin Cash's share in the global cryptocurrency market declined from $7 to $4.3 billion. Therefore, BCC went down from the 4th to 3rd, giving the wall to Ripple.

The ongoing price drop began on the evening of August 3, when the cryptocurrency was sold for $500. The market participants undercut BCC to $200. It happened shortly after the major exchanges Bittrex and Bitfinex launched the possibility of depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin Cash. However, on August 7, BCC managed to regain the position a bit and reached $262.

Despite the network split and BCC volatility, Bitcoin continues to grow. The cryptocurrency showed a sharp increase in price on August 5. After reaching $3000, it continued to go sky-high. Today, on August 7, its value is $3 354 with a capitalization of $55.3 billion.

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